Walker, Texas Ranger

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Modern-day Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker's independent crime-solving methods have their roots in the rugged traditions of the Old West. Walker's closest friend is former Ranger, C.D. Parker, who retired after a knee injury, and now owns "C.D.'s," a Country/Western saloon/restaurant. Rookie Ranger, James "Jimmy" Trivette is an ex-football player who bases his crime-solving methods on reason and uses computers and cellular phones. Alex Cahill is the Assistant DA who shares a mutual attraction with Walker, but often disagrees with his unorthodox approach to law enforcement.

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One Riot, One Ranger
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Episode 1

One Riot, One Ranger

Aired 1993-04-21

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Episode 2


Aired 1993-04-24

A Shadow in the Night
Not streaming

Episode 3

A Shadow in the Night

Aired 1993-05-01

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